Volumens Festival IV, September 2020.
With Performances by Murcof+Sergi Palau, Boris Divider, Estrato Aurora+Tuerto, Oscar Mulero.

Work: technical direction, curator and performer.

Last 2020 edition of the Valencian festival VOlumens was marked by COVID-19. With the surname RESET, the event managed to select a series of performances at the Teatro El Musical last October in addition to holding a round table and several online performances.

Alias Sessions AV_Murcof+Sergi Palau

Reset 2015_2020 is a USB compilation in which Volumens selects a large number of artists who have passed through the festival since its first edition in 2015. Established national and international audio and visual producers along with others not so well known. Among them FRANCISCO LÓPEZ, BORIS DIVIDER, OSCAR MULERO, SUSO SÁIZ, MURCOF, NOVI_SAD, PAUL PRUDENCE, GNOMALAB, FRACTION, BARBARA ELLISON, SERGI PALAU, SUSAN DRONE, ARTIFICIERO, RUBÉN GARCIA, GÜIRO MEETS RUSSIA, NACHO MARCO, JACKWASFASTER, SERIOUS CUT, LOGIC31, etc.

The album is divided into 31 audio tracks and 17 audiovisual cuts: exclusive and mostly unpublished contributions from the participating artists, each one representing their own way of understanding this festival. It is also accompanied by a graphic document.
RESET Compilation

Teaser VOlumens Compilation: Reset *2015_2020*

Fotos AV Shows, Teatre el Musical




















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