Live AV with Murcof, making visuals for the tour of his forthcoming album “Alias Sessions”.
The visuals has been created from the images of the fantastic plays of Alias dance company by Guillherme Bothelo.
The live AV was commissioned by the Lunchmeat Festival and premiered there in Prague on the 5th October 2019.

It’s an A / V performance based on Murcof’s latest work, The Alias ​​Sessions,released on May 21, 2021 on Leaf. This double album is a collection of
works composed exclusively for the Swiss dance company Alias,specifically for two of his choreographies works: Contre-Mondes (2017) and Normal (2018). This performance is based on the music of Contre-Mondes, the first middle of the album.
Sergi Palau has created the visual content of the show, mainly by using video footage of various of the live performances of Alias ​​as raw material for further processing and deconstruction, thus creating a completely new narrative and dramaturgy that results in a surreal and dreamlike visual experience. It is still recognizable as work from Alias, but it has been re-imagined and recontextualized to a significant degree.
In Alias ​​Sessions we talk about the human being. They talk about their relationships and how these affect the transit of life, life and death, returning again and again on his steps, to try to learn, from the world of dreams and the surrealism how to manage what we call love.

Alias Guillherme Bothelo
Lunchmeat Festival

Pictures by: Dita Havránková, Eli Eliasek, Jan Rozsypal, Lukáš Havlena






© Dita Havránková — with Murcof and Sergi Palau at Veletržní Palac.




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