MORPHAGENESIS_[ Lee Yi & Teslaradio ]

Video for the track Morphagenesis by Lee Yi & Teslaradio on the album GRAINS.
Video can be found on GRAINS [Remixes & Visuals].

Grains [Remixes & Visuals] is a round-trip journey driven by Chinowski Garachana, in collaboration with Barcelona label Sevendipia Records and Oigovisiones Label, in January 2021 with the release of Grains (OV|7D005).

Following Noisescapes (OV Label, 2020), Teslaradio offers us another impressive collaborative exercise that brings together more than 20 artists, among remixers and visualists of the national experimental scene.

Music by Chinowski Garachana / Structweird / Erinaq / Bromo / Cravat /Caradusanto / Beatlove / Angel Galán / Lina Bautista / JL Amores / Multiman /Alejandro Lévar / Dode Carmenismo

Visuals by Los Voluble / Gnomalab / Sofia Bertomeu / Elimaginario Vj / Sergi Palau /Emilio Mula / Jordi 8lasco / Azael Ferrer / Esquizográficos asociados.


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