Almas Latentes

Desarrollado y producido por el colectivo NiňoViejo.
Proyecto becado por AVAM en su convocatoria Madrid Procesos 09. Incluido en la programación de La Noche en Blanco de Madrid 2009 el 18 de Septiembre de 2009.
/ Project awarded from AVAM in his call Madrid Procesos 09, for his realisation in LA NOCHE EN BLANCO 18th September 2009.
Mas información

The LATENT SOULS project arose from a series of smaller activities by the “Niño Viejo” (“Old Boy”) Collective in Valencia.
Our aim was to use the city as an audiovisual format to express various proposals which criticise urban development in the city. Small, playful actions which interfered with the urban space and aimed to alter it, were sarcastic about it and transgressed it,thereby offering a critical and personal vision of “public space”.
One of our first proposals was the “Derribos vivos” (Living Demolitions) project, which consisted of using the walls of
demolished buildings as a backcloth for projecting images.
Each of “Niño viejo” members or guests, thought up a series of characters and actions (on video) which later would be combined in the manner of exquisite corpse on the day for projections.

By using these spaces for audiovisual purposes, our intention was to focus on a most particular topic: the huge transformation in Spanish towns and cities due to the economic development of the past 40 years, property fever and the devastating proliferation of unscrupulous developers (backed in many cases by the authorities).

These initial proposals and the subject matter which surrounds them has led us to the LATENT SOULS project. In this, we try to display a more direct narrative proposal while also investigating a different audiovisual language which is based on Live Cinema, installations and interactive cinema.

Video resumen de la actuación que realizamos con la obra Almas Latentes en la segunda edición del festival de teatro Cabanyal Íntim.

Grabación: Israel Sánchez-Beato
Música: Antonio Molina – Adiós mi España querida.

Muchas gracias a la organización por contar con nosotros y enhorabuena por el festival.

El proyecto “ALMAS LATENTES” nace de una serie de pequeñas intervenciones realizadas por el colectivo “Niño viejo” en la ciudad de Valencia. Nuestra intención era la de utilizar la ciudad como soporte audiovisual para la expresión de las diversas propuestas de carácter crítico, acerca de la situación urbanística de la ciudad. Pequeñas acciones que se inmiscuían en el espacio urbano para alterarlo, ironizar sobre él y transgredirlo, ofreciendo así una visión crítica y personal del “espacio público” a través de acciones lúdicas.
Una de nuestras primeras propuestas fue el proyecto “Derribos vivos”, que consistía en usar paredes de edificios derribados como soporte de proyección. Cada uno de los componentes de “Niño viejo” y colaboradores, ideaba una serie de personajes y acciones (en formato video) que más tarde se combinarían entre sí a modo de cadáver exquisito el día de la proyección.
Con el uso de estos espacios como soporte audiovisual nuestra intención era acercanos a un tema muy concreto: La fuerte transformación de las urbes españolas debido al desarrollo económico de los últimos 40 años, la fiebre inmobiliaria y la devastadora proliferación de promotores sin escrúpulos (respaldados en muchos casos por las instituciones).

The landscape of Spanish cities and towns is changing. Economic development, the property fever we suffer and the devastating proliferation of unscrupulous developers, desperate to line their own pockets, are some of the reasons which have brought about this change.
Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia are some of the cities most affected by this construction boom. Throughout the city there are fenced and demolished blocks in evidence. Cranes and huge construction equipment populate residential complexes without conforming to any rational lay-out of the area. These new buildings will house new residents and new customs. They will witness the birth and blossoming of new families and new relationships. But they will also bury the history, memories and sentiments of their previous residents. This is a denial of the city’s historical past.
This change of landscape, apart from offering us these great blocks of cement, provides us with a wide array of sites, many of which bear the remains of old homes within their party walls.
Observing these party walls, where the old rooms of the house are still visible, arouses curiosity about who lived there, how they lived, what happened etc. The curiosity of the “voyeur” is awakened.
These sites represent a passage in time, a purgatory, between one generation and other. They are places of passage between the city’s future and its past. They are spaces which also pass between their previous privacy and their current nakedness, turning into semi-public places due to their state of abandonment.
Our project therefore centres on providing the spectator-voyeur with a visual tool to discover the different layers which comprise and will comprise this type of space in a state of mutation. It reminds us that a building in ruins is its own ghost, where spectres and traces of those who gave it life may be glimpsed.


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